In the summer of 2011 Geza and Andre Scholtz, tried to make history by being the first to kiteboard across the Beringstrait and thereby set 3 world records.


1. The first crossing of the Bering Strait by kiteboard.
2. The first crossing from America to Asia by kiteboard.
3. The first crossing of the international dateline by kiteboard.


The project was not only a sporting event of the highest quality, but also a exciting and emotional journey of discovery in roadless areas of Alaska and Russia. Further intention of this expedition was not only to set 3 world records, but to push the sport to a new level “Expeditional Kiteboarding”. A first attempt in 2010 failed due to adverse weather conditions. In 2011 the new formed expedition team tried to reattempt the crossing with an adapted setup using the experience gained by the first attempt. But unfortunately also in 2011 the team was only partially successful in accomplishing the crossing.